Genealogy #3: Related Writing Projects, part 1

After familiarizing myself with the State Lists, and adjusting really fast to how much more organized I was, I started looking for another way to organize things. It hit me that although I really do appreciate the computer program and its methods for laying out information, I really wanted to be able to see multiple generations at once. Although I do review my family tree print-out frequently, I wanted something that would group all the direct descendents of the same family name on one page so I could really see how they related to each other geographically and on a time-line.

So, I created the Family Lists.

It sounds super simplistic, and maybe it is. But I really love the easy format and how quickly I can understand the logistics of an entire family line.

Here’s how I did this one:

I started the same way as the State Lists, but instead of a State Header, I began with the family name as the header. I’ll use my Perry line as my example for this document grouping. Therefore, the name at the top was Perry. Now, I don’t have very much information for this particular line. But I will utilize what I have. So, I list the same info as I do on the State Lists, but this time, it’s grouped by name. The furthest line I have back on the Perry family is Elijah Perry, so I start with him. I will include his wife, Dinah, because her name is Perry, too, post-marriage. Here’s what their generation looks like:

Perry, Elijah                    B abt. 1823           Kentucky
Perry, Elijah                    M 2 Jul 1851        St. Louis, Missouri
Perry, Dinah (Parker)   D 1898                San Jose, California
Perry, Elijah                    D 12 Aug 1862    Tucson, Arizona

At the bottom of the page, I’ll add the birth info for the wife IF I don’t have enough information for her own Family List. If I have more than just her parents plus her, I’ll make another sheet for that name.

Also, you can see I did not keep the dates in order. I deliberately set the wife in the middle of the other events so I don’t get confused. This way, I know Dinah belongs to Elijah (and vice-versa, but you get the idea).


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