Genealogy #1: Related Writing Projects, part 2

However, there are a few things I would like to be able to do that require cross-referencing, which isn’t available with this particular computer program.

For example, I do a great deal of hands-on genealogy research, away from the computer, where I physically drive to different locations and do research within the towns or county seats connected with my ancestors. Because of this, it would be enormously helpful to collate all the family members who were in Kentucky at some point, for instance. With this program I cannot easily tell who is from Kentucky, because there isn’t a way to cross-reference this information. Even more helpful would be a way to find all the folks from Jessamine County. But I cannot do this through the program I use.

So, I have developed my own system. Three, actually. Each one has taken time for me to tweak to my exact needs, but all three work beautifully in conjunction with the computer program. In the next three entries I will describe each one, why it works, and how it has helped tremendously in understanding the huge amounts of data I have collected.

With all three of these systems, in order for them to be of use, they each take a great deal of time to load all the data into them so that they work the way they are intended to work.

But the odds are good that if you have already set up your filing system and loaded your data into a genealogy program on your computer, you’ve already got a good concept of how much time these tasks will take.

By the way, these systems, as I’ve already described, work in conjunction with a computer program. If you don’t already use one, these systems will not be of much use. They are not designed to be useful to someone working from notebooks and loose pieces of paper. You’ve already got your work cut out for you if you’re still at that stage!


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