Genealogy #1: Related Writing Projects, part 1

One of my key hobbies is genealogy.

It just hit me yesterday that actually I have a number of writing examples that directly relate to my genealogy research. These are not actual articles on research tips and techniques, although I could definitely write some of those, too.

These are actual supplemental writing projects that I have developed for use in tandem with the genealogy program I use.

Speaking of which, the program that I use and like very much is Family Tree Maker. It is easy to use. Specifically, to add information, delete information, or add information related to how you found the data in the first place is all easily done. I was so excited to get all of the genealogy information that I had actually into the computer, so I didn’t have to keep rifling through a bunch of papers.

In fact, if you haven’t yet, and you are still actively doing genealogy research, I heartily recommend two steps: filing all the papers into the appropriate family file folders, and then purchasing a computer genealogy program to follow all the lines as they connect. This will take enormous amounts of time to do, which is the number one reason you haven’t done it yet. But once you do, you will be stunned at how much easier it is to get the “big picture” of your family.

Another thing you will want to do if you haven’t already, is print out your family tree from the computer program. This will only print parents and children (no cousins or siblings) and will only show births, marriages, and deaths, but it will give you an overall picture of your family you would not have otherwise. You will be amazed how many times you will go back and reference that family tree print out. After the initial marveling of the size of the thing, you will be constantly rechecking it to find out the parents of this ancestor, and the marriage date of those ancestors, etc.


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