Project #1

In my previous post, I briefly described the four projects I am currently working on. For the next four posts, I will go into more detail, at least as far as the particular positives and negatives I have run into with each.

Each project has its pluses and minuses, just like anything in life. When the good outweighs the bad, keep going! When the bad weighs more than the good, it might be time to reassess the project at hand to determine if it is indeed worth all the hassle.

Project #1 is a how-to book. Or it will be, once I have completed it! A how-to project is great if you already know a ton about the subject matter, and an uphill battle if you don’t. In my case, I not only knew a lot about the topic, but I also have had a great deal of personal experience with trial-and-errors in this area. Thus, I have plenty of information and familiarity for this project. That made the initial outline super easy to arrange, which is huge when starting a writing strategy.

Once the outline was in place, it was no trouble writing each chapter, as in this particular case there were many, many short chapters (roughly 250-500 words apiece). Two sections are really lengthy, so I’m saving them until last, but I already have the major portions fleshed out through the outline, as well.

This project is 3/4 completed, and at this stage I would like to find someone to beta-read a couple of chapters, but that is proving difficult to do!

So, the positives are that this was an easy set-up for the outline, and that the information is so familiar to me that the writing process itself is a fairly smooth process, too. The negative is that now that I am nearing the end (the 4th quarter!) I find myself more and more reluctant to work on it: I already have one project complete; what am I going to do with TWO finished projects?! Sigh.


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