Current Projects

When I was a kid, my dad would tease me for reading several books at once.

Maybe it’s unsurprising then that I have several writing projects going at one time.

I find it super useful, as often my most relevant project (at the moment!) will suddenly not hold my interest, and I will simply turn my attentions to a different project for the day: an easy thing as all the projects are quite unique from one another. This happens quite frequently, with the result that all my projects are rotated through with regularity. This pleases me, as this way I don’t feel any project is neglected for long!

I am currently struggling, er, writing four pieces.

The first is a “how to” project, with a large number of short chapters. I am more than halfway through the first draft.

The second is a Young Adult Historical Fiction. I have this work roughly outlined and mapped out, and the major characters are mostly developed, leaving room for growth. I spend more time researching than writing for this project so far.

The third is a translation project. Wow. Super challenging. I am working with two other languages. One I am reasonably familiar with. The other I am not even remotely connected with, though I definitely wish I was! The more time I devote to this project, the more I realize what a huge undertaking this is. It may take years. No exaggeration necessary.

The fourth work is actually already written. What I need now are beta readers. Boy, those are hard to find. At least, finding even one who will follow through has been an incredible challenge. I have asked for feedback from no less than five trusted individuals whose opinions were of great value to me. I don’t know if they ever even read the material or not…one did ask if that was the title I was going with, so he evidently did get that far….

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